Basic Geometry learning activity

I have come up with idea for new activity for children to learn basic geometry and basic shapes. It seems too. unfair to talk about idea without even a piece of code in hand, but I want your comments and input to get the idea matured first.

The main motive is to design it as a game and with simple front end (I will post UI prototype later) but main idea behind the activity is to:

1) categorize basic shapes according to difficulty

2) show one shape (say with middle difficulty) to child for few second

3) ask him to imitate (redraw) the shape on canvas

4) check the accuracy of shape to its original *

5) show difference to child

6) give next shape from similar or different category according to his ability **

7) wrap  whole thing as exciting and interactive game

* I have written simple NN program to recognize basic shapes and alphabet, I am plannin to reuse the code.

** The idea is to first start with difficulty level tuned to child ability, giving him enough practice and increasing difficulty afterward

I will be writing this activity for XO (OLPC Laptop) and will host code soon on repository, please help me by suggesting and commenting about this idea.


6 Responses to Basic Geometry learning activity

  1. nepbabu says:

    Hey Ankur,
    It’s a cool idea yar. The children using those drawing program will compare the difference between the 2 version of the drawing. Cool.. But what’s the main outcome of this implementation yar?

    Great job 🙂

  2. yowlanku says:

    the main outcome is to help children draw simple basic geometrical shapes accurately and understand the shape, which will increase their ability to draw shapes and alphabets, extended version could also be used to learn new scripts like chinese or ethnic limbu etc.

  3. nepbabu says:

    ahh.. i see. Interesting work Ankur. Really, the potential is just awesome. I hope the govt. understands the potential and helps fund the project. And also order more XOs so that all the kids can use them.

  4. cslife says:

    Good luck with your project ankur. The idea of teaching basic geometric shapes is fundamental for kids. I am hoping to see your implementation soon.

  5. prasannag says:

    hey, is it going to be a standalone program or a part of more sugar-oriented suite as planned before?

  6. yowlanku says:

    prasannag: I will start it as sugar-oriented suite, but since main core will be pygame only some UI related element should be changed to make it standalone, I think I will branch after sufficient code is done for engine.

    cslife: thnx, I will start as soon as I get my laptop back . but I hope it will take couple of weeks before it takes shape, I will keep on posting about its progress and hurdles I encounter and ask for help 😉

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