Programmer’s block

I have been trying for days to do some programming on the google android. It just seems harder and harder to do when you have a huge thing to write and you don’t have a milestone set. It’s the difference between coding and real engineering. Coding is generally for small, perhaps class projects, assignments with a teacher looking after you but when you have a giant research type thing that has all the design aspects, it starts getting scary.
I was just having this discussion with himanshu about the difference between a writer’s block and a programmer’s block. It’s easy to dismiss them as being similar. No offence for I’m a writer too and perhaps I can say it better too. Often writer’s block is about ideas and creative aspects, programmer’s block involves that and so much more. It can be about debugging this nasty bug while being not-quite sure about the implementation of the algorithm and still having the doubts if you are compiling it right. 🙂 Most of the times, concepts are major problems for they are at least half of the thing. However, its often easy to underestimate the other half. The dreaded coding portion.
I love programming and more I find that I’m unable to do it for sometimes days on end and every so often something just pops in my head and I begin hacking into the night/morning/next morning… I’m not too sure if I’m making sense right now but I invite you up for your experiences with this and maybe we can come up with a solution: sort of – to be more productive as developers!


3 Responses to Programmer’s block

  1. nepbabu says:

    There’s always been -that- distinction between a developer and programmer. If you go into more detail, you’ll always find that the developers are more widely accessible people and have better view of the architecture as a whole compared to programmers.

    The general consensus amongst the IT community is that programmers are like “cowboy” coders who are given the specification and required to write the code based on that specs. But I do not think so. Here in the land of Kangaroos, programmers do the hacking, programmers *also* write documentations and lastly programmers also have barbecues. 🙂

    What i am saying is that although the IT community relfects the distinction between a programmer and a developer, I do think that the distinction is uncalled for and usually creates a “Great Wall of China” scenario. Let them do coding 1 week, testing next week or a documentation the next week. 🙂

  2. yowlanku says:

    Why dont you setup personal repository to work with, I use git with trac. Since it consist of wiki, milestone and goal setting, bug tracker and source browser on same plane, it might help you to get more organized and explore both sides of you.

  3. cslife says:

    yowlanku : Close to your ideas I have been toying with the idea for setting up a personal wiki to keep track of on going projects but your suggestion of setting up trac for getting the full blown package is even better!

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